77" Texas Wave Delta Kite

77" Texas Wave Delta Kite

Introducing the ultimate high-flying Texan pride: The Texas 77 Inch Wave Delta - a Texas flag themed kite that'll have you yellin', "Yeehaw!" all day long!

Get ready to unleash the winds of fun and let your Lone Star spirit soar high in the Texas sky. Whether you're at the ranch, chillin' by the river, or just feelin' that Texan breeze, this kite is your ticket to big smiles and unforgettable adventures!

Don't be a tumbleweed blowin' in the wind! Snag your very own Texas 77 Inch Wave Delta before they're flyin' off the shelves like a twister on a hot summer day!

Remember, the only thing bigger than our kites is the Texas pride that fills 'em! So saddle up, grab your boots, and let's catch some serious air, Texas-style!

Technical Specs:
- Ripstop fabric with fiberglass frame
- Long flowing tails made from lightweight taffeta material
- Easy to assemble
- 70# kite line with handle and kite bag included
- Recommended wind range: 5 to 18 MPH
- 77" W x 23' H