Port Aransas Pirate Club Flag

$17.00 - $20.00
Port Aransas Pirate Club Flag

This flag was designed by Fly It Port A and is available exclusively on this website and at our physical store!

Avast ye, mateys! Feast yer eyes upon the colors of the Port Aransas Pirate Club – a flag as black as the depths of Davy Jones' locker, emblazoned with a fearsome skull and crossbones! This be no ordinary ensign, but a symbol of yer membership into the most swashbucklin' crew on the high seas!

Ye see, to join our hearty band of pirates, all ye need do is hoist this flag high upon yer mast and let loose a hearty "arrrrrg" that would make even Blackbeard himself proud! With this flag unfurled, ye'll be granted entry into our exclusive Pirate Club, where adventure awaits and treasure beckons!

So, me hearties, don't be a landlubber any longer! Raise the Port Aransas Pirate Club flag high, declare yer allegiance with a spirited "arrrrrg," and set sail for a life of plunder and glory on the seven seas! Aye, the pirate's life be callin', and it starts with this flag!

About the Flag:
- 3 ft by 5 ft in dimension OR 2 ft by 3 ft
- 100D premium oxford polyester (light weight fabric)
- Quadruple-stitched edges
- Durable weather-proof polyester fabric strengthened canvas header
- Indoor or outdoor use
- Anti rain and acid protection
- UV block protected
- 2 side grommets made of rust resistant brass
- Single sided (image will be in reverse on back of flag)
- Flagpole not included

Care Instructions:
Use mild water, gentle cycle or hand wash, do not bleach, hang dry, iron low with steam

Other Info:
Although this flag is meant to be worn-out, you can sustain its life with good maintenance. Be sure to take your flag inside during high winds. Flags typically last between 3 months and a year depending on use and weather conditions.

Continuous exposure to the sun will fade your flag, but you can slow down the process by treating your flag with a UV fabric protector. Store your flag in a dark and dry area when you don't use it.